At KHIMIK, the production policy is targeted at addressing challenges in the industrial sector such as improving the reliability and expanding the service life of materials, structures, and machines. Besides products for commercial applications, the manufacturing company also produces household goods for the consumer sector of Russia.

KHIMIK Group of Companies consists of a manufacturing facility, representing the chemical industry of Russia and manufacturing over 1,300 different products, a number of companies that develop, distribute, and deliver goods in Russia, as well as an Engineering Center and a Science and Technology Center.

KHIMIK’s products are intended to be used:
  • for corrosion protection of steel structures in the oil and gas, construction, housing and utility sectors;
  • in the car industry, car repair;
  • for household and leisure applications.
The development strategy of KHIMIK manufacturing facility is based on the principles which are to:
  • continuously seek more economical and efficient solutions in all activity areas as part of the implementation of the product development plan;
  • constantly improve the science and technology and manufacturing facilities;
  • sustain the demand for the products;
  • maintain and develop human resources;
  • develop and introduce corporate programs (research and development, environmental, social, charity, etc.);
  • implement investment projects;
  • maintain high standards of corporate culture and attitude to personnel, partners, investors, customers, and consumers;
  • adopt a set of measures in order to improve the environmental security of products for the consumer and the environment.

KHIMIK successfully combines expertise and innovations, adapts to market challenges and requirements, and proactively identifies new consumption trends. This has gained the company a strong hold among major manufactures of household and chemical products in the Northwest Federal District of the Russian Federation.