KHIMIK products are based on the company’s own technologies and unique methods. It would be impossible to develop and introduce solutions that meet high consumer demands without fundamental scientific research, applied research, and unique processes. These tasks are accomplished by our research and development center which consists of a number of specialized departments.

The joint effort of engineers from the Engineering Center, applied chemistry specialists from the Test Laboratory, and manufacturing process engineers allows us to address challenges of creating new products and solutions through a continuous improvement cycle.

The research and development center:

  • Participates in accomplishing complex tasks set by KHIMIK, from idea to implementation.
  • Conducts fundamental and applied research in target sectors in order to satisfy both existing and anticipated market demands.
  • Selects and evaluates the quality of raw materials based on test results.
  • Develops and tests formulae, stability and efficacy of products, and safety and consumer-friendliness of packages.
  • Develops related documentation.
  • Whenever a product line is expanded or new manufacturing facilities are introduced, it is also responsible for following up manufacturing processes, conducting relevant surveys, participating in personnel training, performing control and supervision functions.

As part of the development and improvement of paints, a set of tests is carried out where the Engineering Center:

  • Examines the properties of new samples of film binders, pigments, and additives.
  • Creates blends for further development of paint formulae.
  • Comprehensive paint tests (mechanical properties, resistance to aggressive environments under normal and high temperatures and high pressures, climatic test in a weather simulation chamber).
  • Introduces innovations.
  • Trains engineers of the group of companies.

Engineering Center specialists:

  • provide technical support, e.g. develop custom-made paints with desired properties for unique projects or specific operating conditions;
  • participate in site survey and development of project solutions;
  • select materials, adjust application techniques for the materials, and develop painting schemes so as to achieve maximum efficiency, practicability, and cost-effectiveness;
  • conduct on-site pilot testing;
  • provide quality control inspectors for painting inspection.

It is due to the expertise of our employees and the responsible attitude towards intermediate and final studies that KHIMIK products are easy to handle, retain their properties throughout the shelf life, meet high safety standards, and are not harmful to the environment.