Quality Policy

At KHIMIK Group of Companies, quality is the core indicator of product competitiveness and the key to well-being of the company and every employee.

The core objectives of the Quality Policy for KHIMIK as a developer, manufacturer, and supplier of chemical goods (protective paints, car products, and other chemical goods) are to:

  • maintain and increase the awareness of the KHIMIK brand on the market;
  • maximize satisfaction of consumer demand for high-quality products on both internal and external markets; manufacture products with parameters exceeding those of similar foreign and domestic products;
  • maintain consumer trust in the company as a manufacturer of high-end products due to stable quality, efficiency, and manufacturing flexibility; and
  • develop personnel.

To implement its Quality Policy, the company:

  • constantly reviews current and future consumer requirements in order to adopt latest techniques for manufacturing of products;
  • retrofits and reconstructs process lines with new manufacturing equipment;
  • selects reliable suppliers of high-grade raw materials and components in order to make quality products;
  • effectively improves business management, introduces advanced business administration methods, and employs agile organization structures adapted to specific business and manufacturing conditions;
  • continuously improves QMS so as to meet ISO 9001: 2015 and specific process requirements;
  • continuously provides staff development and involves management, engineers, and direct workers in quality and corporate culture improvement by updating existing Regulations, encouraging employees, and promoting social inclusion;
  • takes measures aimed specifically at reducing health effects of occupational hazards.

The improvement of product quality will cut down manufacturing costs, increase labor efficiency, and facilitate the accomplishment of product mix and output plans.

KHIMIK management undertakes to implement the Quality Policy.

The achievement of the ultimate goal, which is to increase the satisfaction of our customers and consumers with the quality of our products, is crucial for the development of KHIMIK Group of Companies and is a key driver for competitiveness. One of major objectives is therefore to optimize and standardize existing processes by using state-of-the-art technology and quality management tools.

ISO Certificates

KHIMIK’s quality management system was certified to meet GOST R ISO 9001-2001 (ISO 9001-2000) in 2007, and successfully recertified to meet GOST ISO 9001-2015 (ISO 9001:2015) in 2018.

What makes the ISO 9001 standards special is that they primarily govern a manufacturing process rather than a product. More specifically, they require control over all manufacturing stages, which, in turn, guarantees the high and stable quality of products. Therefore, the ISO standards can be applied to any business regardless of production scale, ownership, supplied products/services, etc.

A certified Quality Management System (QMS) is not intended to accentuate a company’s individualism, distinction, or superiority, but, on the contrary, confirms that it complies with common business rules, acts predictably, and meets the expected quality of products/services.

Product quality requirements will always be changing, but QMS requirements will remain unchanged. In following this principle, KHIMIK management is strongly convinced that a systematic approach to quality management is the only way to encourage review of consumer needs and identification and maintenance of processes that would help obtain products acceptable from the perspective of required performance. A quality management system is essential for a company to continuously improve in order to increase satisfaction of both consumers and other stakeholders.

With a QMS certificate, there are more opportunities to make contracts both in Russia and in countries near and far abroad. Today, this certificate is a prerequisite to select a reliable supplier and but also to sign contracts with high-profile Russian and international companies.

The QMS compliance with ISO requirements is the best guarantee that KHIMIK can give to its customers with regard to the consistently high quality of its products. Further advance in this field is ensured by keeping updated and continuously improving the quality management system, which is largely supported by our own Engineering Center (for the Development and Application of New Products and Technologies) and the accredited test laboratory.

Quality Management

At KHIMIK, the corporate development strategy is to offer innovative solutions for dynamically growing economic sectors and markets. We are committed to developing products that are intended to effectively address current challenges of resource-saving and improvement of the quality of life.

The core production goal for KHIMIK is therefore not merely to expand its output and product mix but, above all, to ensure proper quality, properties and characteristics of products that meet demands and expectations of our buyers.

KHIMIK’s manufacturing facilities are provided with all necessary resources to manufacture and control quality of products, which is largely supported by its own Engineering Center for the Development and Application of New Products and the accredited test laboratory. The Quality Policy adopted in KHIMIK sets basic operating principles and main areas for development of the quality management system.

The company’s quality management system is regularly audited for compliance with the ISO 9001 standards by both authorized governmental agencies and major business partners. Such audits give a fresh look at ongoing processes in the company and help identify which of them can be improved, what are areas for improvement, and which outstanding issues might lead to nonconformities. Internal audits, which provide details on the actual state of things, are also a big help in this regard. Audit reports allow the management to get additional information about how internal regulations are fulfilled and identify the causes of nonfulfillment, if any.

A major objective for further development of KHIMIK is to proceed with the optimization and standardization of current processes. To this end, state-of-the-art quality management techniques and tools are applied. All of this is aimed at achieving the ultimate goal – complete satisfaction of our consumers with the quality of KHIMIK’s products. This is crucial for the development and is a key driver for competitiveness our company.