Environmental Security

Environmental security of processes and products is central to the corporate strategy and value system at KHIMIK Group of Companies.

Dedication to the future and commitment to conserving favorable environment for next generations encourage the company to invest effort and money in development and implementation of environmental measures.

KHIMIK Group of Companies maintains high ethical standards and undertakes full responsibility for the environmental safety of chemical production, while adhering to the environmental policy that is common to all facilities and employees.

Our mission is based on the following principles:
  • prevent harmful impacts on the environment; 
  • involve in finding solutions to global ecological problems;  
  • demonstrate high sustainability and energy saving performance; 
  • prevent accidents and emergencies; 
  • care for the health of employees and consumers. 
KHIMIK Group of Companies is committed not only to minimizing its own environmental load but also to helping our customers and consumers solve their problems without affecting the state of nature.

We maintain a responsible attitude towards handling of chemicals, reduce paper consumption by adopting electronic document management, implement a set of measures to ensure proper waste separation and safe disposal, streamline and improve our process according to ISO 9001, and make efforts to improve logistics and decrease the proportion of road transport. KHIMIK has its own sanitary and industrial control laboratory. In addition, the equipment is regularly renovated, also helping the company to maintain compliance with current national and international environmental laws.

Safe operation of facilities, safe working conditions for employees, and release of safe products in all areas of operation are ensured through comprehensive environmental monitoring, enforcement of regulatory limits, and anticipation of risks.

Process safety

The main goals underlying the occupational safety policy of KHIMIK Group of Companies are to meet stringent requirements of environmental laws, prevent accidents and incidents, and provide favorable working conditions at its industrial sites. The policy stipulates a set of activities that are aimed at:
  • achieving a high level of personal and corporate responsibility across management and employees;
  • monitoring and control, risk management;
  • adhering to occupational safety requirements, provision of regular personnel training, briefings, and evaluations;
  • preventing accidents, injuries, and occupational diseases;
  • routine examinations and health improvement activities;
  • improving manufacturing processes, using safer and greener ingredients, introducing novel equipment, and providing personal protective equipment to employees.
Process safety is integral to the company’s corporate culture. By undertaking full responsibility towards employees, consumers, and the society as a whole, we are able to stay at the forefront of technical advance, building a better future in a favorable environment.

Product safety

KHIMIK Group of Companies makes product safety the top priority of its corporate strategy. The adopted Quality Policy help us to maintain a strong foothold on the market of chemical products, keep consumer loyalty and increase demand, and offer safe goods for the commercial and consumer sector.

KHIMIK products are made in compliance with current Russian and international laws, and we seek to exceed or anticipate their requirements. The best techniques and methods are applied across the product profile in order to achieve safety in the process of manufacturing, storage, transportation, sales, operation, and disposal.

At KHIMIK, the safety of products is achieved through:
  • high corporate culture and responsibility of the Company, including transparency and quick response to law changes;
  • flexible risk management and anticipation of potential issues;
  • studies carried out in the Company’s own Research and Development Laboratory, and a solid approach to formulation;
  • selection of the safest ingredients;
  • development of functional, reliable, and environmentally friendly packaging;
  • internal and external comprehensive audit;
  • attention to consumer feedback.

Everyday we work towards improving our product range in order to guarantee product safety for the society and nature.