KHIMIK Group of Companies is a professional player on the B2C market of consumer goods.

Applied research, scientific developments, technology, and innovations are used to create consumer goods intended for buyers in various retail networks. KHIMIK’s product portfolio includes a number of categories of consumer goods for a wide range of domestic and professional applications – from goods for comfortable and safe leisure time in nature for a whole family to those for sound professional repair of a country house, or repair and maintenance of a car.

Structure of consumer goods

Car Accessories

  • windshield wipers, windshield washer fluids;
  • car care products, car interior and exterior care products;
  • car chemicals, fuel additives, and operating fluids;
  • coolants, “tosol” cooling fluids, and antifreezes

Home care

  • insect bite protection for adults and children;
  • after-bite treatment;
  • firelighters

Do it yourself (DIY)

  • paints and varnishes;
  • solvents

Shoe and garment care

  • care products (wax, polish, stretch, impregnator, leather and suede paint);
  • accessories (cleaning rollers, shoe horns, insoles, heel pads)


Distribution and key partners

For distributors, cooperation with KHIMIK means high service level, turnover, and profit margin, and sales of recognized brand products with a high level of awareness and loyalty. KHIMIK Group of Companies has well-established partnership relations with the largest federal retail networks, with products available on the shelves of: X5 RETAIL, TANDER, AUCHAN, LENTA, OKEY, LEROY MERLIN, OBI, MAXIDOM, CASTORAMA, START, PETROVICH, BAUCENTER, ULYBKA RADUGI, DETSKY MIR, VOTONIA, etc.


The company places high emphasis on product quality management, ensuring environmental compatibility and security in line with its Quality Policy, while at the same time maintaining affordable competitive prices and sustaining the demand. The agile business model allows adaptation to consumer needs, prompt response to changing demand behavior, output of marketable products, and investment in promising areas and consumer industry segments.