Effective antiviral and antibacterial protection!

CLEAN MASTER is an all-purpose product for a wide range of applications, both as an antiseptic and as a disinfectant.

It is manufactured at the company’s own manufacturing facility, Khimik JSC, whose quality management system has been certified to meet ISO 9001-2015.

CLEAN MASTER is a must-have to decontaminate indoor surfaces (floor, walls, doors, etc.) and rigid furniture as well as to clean halls, street grounds (benches, swings, etc.), public transport stops, other than those that deteriorate when exposed to alcohol, by wiping or spraying irregardless of conditions.

  • All-purpose product (antiseptic and disinfectant);
  • Contains 70% alcohol, effective against COVID-19*;
  • Recommended by Rospotrebnadzor (Russian consumer protection agency), letter No. 02/770-2020-32 dd. January 23, 2020;
  • Effective against all known bacteria, fungi, and viruses;
  • A prolonged effect that lasts 3 hours;
  • Used without water and needs not to be washed away;
  • Glycerol softens skin;
  • No tacky feeling;
  • Suits all skin types, including sensitive and damaged skin.

* According to: WHO; Rospotrebnadzor Research Institute for Disinfection Science; Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).